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Launched as a publishing house, grown as a printing plant – and turned Typesetting Automation Experts now

Even though we have been working with many customers in close cooperation for over 30 years, our beginnings date back much further. In 1905, Konrad Triltsch founded his publishing house of the same name – followed in 1907 by the associated printing plant. Already back then, we offered typesetting as part of our service portfolio. In 2015, 3w+p GmbH was spun off as a pure typesetting specialist. We continue to cultivate the know-how of printing and publishing, but our heart beats for Typesetting Automation.

Sustainability and equality in ‘green’ Rimpar

3w+p GmbH is headquartered at Würzburg’s doorstop, in the Würzburg-Rimpar Technologiepark. In green surroundings, Pavilion 1 houses the offices for most of our 45 employees as well as our server farm.

We are particularly proud that our community is very consistent and culturally diverse. We feel that a quota of more than 50% women in the overall team and at management level as well as an average length of service of over 10 years say a lot about our company.

What our employees say

“The working atmosphere is great, I like working here.”

“Some customers have been with us for decades, this gives us a very active and highly positive feedback.”

“Best preconditions for focused working with high motivation.”

Our top priorities: personal contact and above-average efficiency

Generating pages requires perfection, an eye for the detail, and high concentration. There are many pitfalls which more often than not give you a headache. We think that peace and harmony are what counts in these moments. We therefore cultivate honest, human relationships with our customers and colleagues at all levels. You can talk about everything.

“Faultless” is the standard for typesetting, and therefore efficiency is what actually counts. Our claim is an extraordinarily efficient production, which is why we constantly optimize every single aspect: communication, automation, qualification, technology and processes.

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