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We are Typesetting Automation Experts

Modern typesetting must be automated and cost-efficient as well as standardized to the highest possible degree. We as Typesetting Automation Experts help you to create competitive edge. Thanks to 30 years of experience, media-neutral workflows and high reliability, we achieve maximum efficiency and impeccable typesetting in teamwork with you.

Full-Service Typesetting

Tailored to your requirements, we take responsibility for all aspects of your typesetting, or we make our powerful Interactive Media Automator available to you so that you can produce premium-quality automated typesetting yourself 24/7.

Pursuant to your preferences, we work Word-first or XML-first, followed by easy conversion to all relevant formats. Make sure to have a look at our special solutions: We are able for example to generate automated print PDFs with back covers and spines from ePUBs.

Automated typesetting in three simple steps:

Word file
Media-neutral processing
Output format

Entrust your typesetting to reliable hands

Standardization is the sine-qua-non for automated typesetting. For this reason, we develop your templates (layout and structure) in cooperation with you for various publication series in which your content is output. Your authors then deliver Word files as usual, and 3w+p takes care of the rest.

Based in the Rimpar Technology Park close to Würzburg, our team of 40 highly skilled professionals generates template-based text products on our typesetting machine, does copy editing and, if desired, can also deliver XML in your publishing DTD. At your request, we furthermore manage the cooperation with the authors.

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